Elemental HD Lite

A challenging new retina display enabled hyper-dimensional physics game.

Your elemental is lost, drifting aimlessly through the ether. You must help guide it to the portals to clear each level, by transporting between the four dimensions of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Each dimension has it’s own platforms that you must navigate to reach the goal, but watch out for gravity anomalies along the way that will switch up the gameplay in unexpected ways!

A game of quick reflexes and fast thinking, set to an rich atmospheric soundtrack.


Your elemental can only be in one dimension at a time, so you will
need to transport by using the side buttons to choose the right path
to the portal.

Some stages feature a gravity transfer, this icon will cause an
electromagnetic effect that will change the gravitational direction.

Reaching the portal will take you on to the next stage.


Atmospheric chilled out soundtrack.

25 complex and challenging levels.

Fun physics engine gameplay.

A game that will really make you think!

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