Electric Circuits

Electric Circuits is a entertainment application created by Filippo P.

With “Electric Circuits” you can learn the basics of a home circuit.
You’ll learn by playing: every level brings up new components, making more difficult to create your “Electric Circuit”.

Playing with “Electric Circuits” it’s really easy you can follow these four simple steps to create your circuit and check if it works:

1. select and drag an object
2. you can rotate it when needed
3. connect the components by clicking on them, in the order you think appropriate
4. finally press the test button and see if your circuit works!

You can turn the switch on, turn lights on and off, make the alarm ring, and investigate simple facts about the word of electric circuits.
Tell your friends about “Electric Circuits” and challenge them.


* 12 unique levels to study and test your “Electric Circuit” creations;
* great graphics and sound effects;
* 8 animated components: Battery, Bulb, Alarm, 1-way switch, 2-ways switch, Push Button, Reverse switch and the wires you may need to connect the various components and complete the circuit;
* 4 steps to create your circuit and check if it works.


With Your help, our “Electric Circuits” game can be even better. Your inputs are really appreciated, so we wait to hear for any comments and suggestions You may have, to make our game always meet Your expectations.
Info mail: support@pellegrin.it

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