El Rally de la Peseta

Many years ago when I was a child, there was very few arcade machines and often we were playing table football (futbolin).
One day we discovered a very curious machine in a bar. I changed a “Duro” for 5 Pesetas (5 Blondes, coins), and started to play with the strange machine.
This machine consisted of putting a coin in a vertical wooden track and a steering wheel you had to lead the coin to the goal, and if you got it, the machine returned the “Blonde”.

In this game, unlike the original machine, YOU NOT USE THE STEERING WHEEL, you ONLY TILT the iPhone to move the coin, and if you get to goal, you will pass to a different circuit, more and more difficult, up to 5 different circuits.
Try to do it as fast as possible, without falling coins, and you can write your name among the world top 50.

Why “Blonde”?
Older people, called “Blonde” to the Peseta, because the Peseta was golden.
The Peseta was the currency used in Spain before Euro.

Attention, iOS 4.2 or higher required, iOS 6 compatible.

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