el Qubador HD

Move this colored cube and collect colored tokens!

*** *** *** *** *** ABOUT THE GAME *** *** *** *** ***
In “el Qubador HD” the player must collect colored tokens using a cube with colored sides. The idea is to land the cube on any token with a side that is the same color as the token to be collected.

There are also special tokens, that change the colors of the cube’s sides. These tokens come in 2 types:
1. the tokens that paint the cube’s side that falls on them and
2. the tokens that mix their color with the color of the cube’s side that falls on them (eg: a red mix token, when it touches a yellow cube’s side, makes this side orange).

Other special tokens can be used too: bombs, speed bonuses and time bonuses.

After each play, the player can post their score on Facebook or Twitter. The game supports GameCenter for Global Rankings and Achievements (There are 28 achievements in the game)

Please visit our blog for gameplay videos, screenshots and extensive instructions/ tips.

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