Einstein Puzzle Classic

This game features a well-known logic puzzle called Einstein puzzle or zebra puzzle.

You can play unlimited puzzles and quizzes with this app from the size of three to six.
You don’t need papers or pencils to solve this kind of puzzles any more. All you need is in this compact iPhone screen including a board, icons, markers and zoomable hint list. Just drag and drop icons onto the board.

Each puzzle or quiz has its own difficulty level. You can collect stars according to the level and compete with worldwide users at the Game Center leaderboards.

You can save difficult games to challenge them later, but reloaded games will not give you stars. Current game state is automatically saved at any time except for unexpected breakdowns.

This kind of puzzle is not that easy. We strongly recommend you to open “Tutorial” and “Information” before playing, and begin with small-sized puzzles.

Some puzzles are really easy but some others are extremely difficult. For your mental health, just set aside those toughies until you become a master. Small and easy puzzles are also lots of fun.

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