Egyptians (Deskplorers – History Book)

★★★★ Jump in ancient Egypt with Tom, Lea, Spoon and Scrabot! ★★★★
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“The Deskplorers: History Meets Fun And Games” (

A new series of games for 7 to 11 years old girls and boys, blending storytelling, gaming and learning. With The Deskplorers, your kids will read, play, think, discover foreign languages and learn, all with lots of fun!

★★ “Egyptians” (Episode 3, Season 1) ★★
Bratty has jumped again in the History Book (season 1)! This time, she has arrived in ancient Egypt. And here come the nice ones! But guess what? A disguised intruder has entered the great pyramid of Gizeh!
This third episode contains 6 chapters: that’s more than 200 images and 6 animations.

★ Try it first, and buy if your kid likes it ! ★
– in this free version, you can access to the first chapter, and play the 4 mini-games.
– with the In-App purchase, unlock all the remaining chapters, so your kid can enjoy
the full episode.

★ Fun and innovative gameplay ★
It’s very easy!
– Read the story. At the end of a Chapter, The Deskplorers need an object to continue their adventure!
– Find the right object in the Catalog to finish the Chapters. To use an object, you need points!
– If you don’t have enough points, go to the mini-games, play, and win more points!

★ Made for girls and boys from 7 to 11! ★
– Fun stories that your kids will love to read (5 episodes for Season One “Jump in Time”).
– The storyline encourages Strong values (friendship, trust, respect, helping people, respect of nature…).
– A real instructional added-value: great method of reinforcing reading skills, develop the imagination and creative problem solving.
– A great way to discover French (dialogs are available in French when a chapter is finished).
– 4 Fun mini-games designed for the iPhone and iPad.
– 2 difficulty levels for each mini-game to suit all kids.

★ More features ★
– Up to 3 profiles are saved.
– A dictionary useful to learn more about each episode’s context.
– An album to replay all the videos included in the episode.
– A clue system to help you solve the puzzles.
– A parents’ corner : manage profiles, advice from us, publish on Facebook, send us an email…

All this with :
– Awesome graphic designs
– A very pleasant and original theme music
– Great ease of use for kids

★★ The Discovery episode Zero “The Beginning” is available for free on MacOS, iPad (HD) and iPhone / iPod Touch.
It contains 1 original chapter (6 chapters in the regular episodes) and the 4 mini-games in “easy” mode. ★★

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