Eggs in Space

HELP! The Eggs are invading – and we don’t mean Easter Eggs! Spoonville’s people need you up in the cosmos to defend them in this unique tap’n’crack game. Marvel as fantastic sights leap at you! Be dazzled by the stupendous soundtrack from our one-man electric orchestra! Eggs in Space is easy to play, tricky to master and impossible to put down. Open Feint and Game Center are both supported so you can pit your wits against the whole world to see who is the top Spoon. With two game modes to conquer you’ll face more eggs than the Easter Bunny.

For a limited time Eggs in Space comes with the bonus mini-game – Easter Eggs in Space! Here you face Beaster – the evil and oval rabbit that has come to ruin your Easter.

Have you got what it takes to stop this pandemonium before the Eggs in Space enslave us all?

“Eggs in Space offers up some frantic fun and looks and sounds absolutely fantastic…it’s stellar production values impress.”

“Simple but fun gameplay, funny theme… tons of acheivements and leaderboards.”

“If you want a game to kill time with and keep you entertained with a big grin on your face, then look no further than these Eggs in Space. It’s a cracking time killer.”

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