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Eggs in Space is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Eggs in Space Review

Ever since we first saw the hilarious trailer for Eggs in Space, we couldn’t wait to try it. A game so addictive that it would make us think our breakfast was trying to kill us? Unfortunately, Eggs in Space is a terrible game, with no ambition at all.

Like in Fruit Ninja, your goal is to survive as long as possible by destroying (in this case, tapping) onscreen food and avoiding bombs. The waves of eggs approach faster and faster, and if you miss an egg or accidentally hit a bomb, you’ll lose a life.

Fruit Ninja’s use of this formula works because of its clever play mechanics, like the tactile swiping motions and steady arc of each flying piece of fruit. Eggs in Space has goofy, random egg movements, and tapping on the screen doesn’t feel fun at all. It feels like any of a thousand bubble-bursting games on the App Store that would bore any kid, let alone an experienced gamer.

Last one in’s a rotten egg!

There are two gameplay modes in Eggs in Space. There’s a standard, wave-based mode, and a Christmas-themed mode (which arrives too late, since the game launched in January). A third mode, Egg Scramble, is labeled “coming soon”, and we hope the developers really put some sincere effort into making it worthwhile.

Eggs in Space has two notable bright points: It has online leaderboards through Game Center and OpenFeint, and it makes an attempt at humor and likable characters. Each level is introduced by the aptly-named Professor Spoon, and some of the eggs seem like they might have some sort of backstory, like the decapitated trolls in Thumpies. If the game was more about collecting, matching, or discovering new eggs with different personalities, instead of just tapping until you fall asleep, Eggs in Space might be worth playing.

If you like the idea of this game, just watch the trailer below. Otherwise, there’s no need to buy this game and advertise to your friends on OpenFeint and Game Center that you’re bored and have no idea what’s fun on the iPhone.