Effective Level

Effective Level is a game aid designed to keep track of a player’s effective level (their base level, plus all gear/item bonuses). The app also keeps track of a player’s sex, calculates the result of player vs monster combat, and lets you roll a d6.

The app was designed primarily for use with the card game Munchkin, but could be used with any similar table-top RPG.

What separates Effective Level from the other “counter apps” out there, is its stat tracking. You can capture a ton of data about each game you play. This data can then be accessed later to give you greater insight on how successful you’ve been. Whether you aim to increase your largest kill streak or you’re just looking for definitive bragging rights, stats are going to change the way you’ve been gaming.

● Base Level, Gear Level, and Effective Level Tracking
● Player Sex Tracking
● Combat Calculator
● Die Roller

STATS TRACKED: Totals, Bests, and Per Game Averages for
● Games Played
● Victories, Defeats, and Incomplete Games
● Kills
● Treasures drawn
● Successful escapes
● Bad stuff received
● Deaths
● Curses/Traps caught in

Note: Effective Level is not a stand-alone game.

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