Although this free game is intended for entertainment and news only, you can make virtual bets using real-time point spreads for College or Professional Football, College or Pro Basketball, Pro Baseball and Pro Hockey then see how you much up against sports betters from colleges and universities across the nation. You are playing for more than just virtual winnings–you are playing for the very honor of your school.

Beat the odds and double down on the Notre Dame game
Take the over bet in the Red River Shootout
Take down your university’s biggest rival with a max bet against them

Log in using Facebook and start placing your wagers. After you double your money on a bold wager, check out the real-time leader board and see your university’s bankroll move past your rival, then talk trash though social media (Facebook and Twitter). Whether you are a student, alumni or a fan, sign in and join the competition.

Now make your wagers to defend the honor of your school!

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