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EdiMon Review

The word ‘Eden’ conjures up images of beautiful, serene gardens; a divine paradise. That is not what you get in Edimon, a virtual pet game set in the Eden Universe. Wonky controls and glitchy minigames turn this paradise into a lost cause.

EdiMon is a cute little monster who is the ‘chosen one’ in the Eden Universe. You care for him by playing four minigames: Fitness, Playtime, Wellness and Hygiene.

What’s he so happy about?

It’s an enchanting place, with colorful backgrounds that are expertly rendered, and EdiMon itself is adorable and can take several interesting forms. However, excellent graphics are the only thing this game has going for it. The background music is a short irritating tune that loops endlessly, and most of the minigames are not worth playing more than once.

In the fitness minigame, several buttons are placed on-screen, two of which match. When you tap the matching buttons EdiMon lifts a barbell while making a funny little grunt. If your tap is even a tiny bit off-center, Edimon stops what he’s doing and blows you a raspberry.

Playtime has you tapping the item that matches the shape in EdiMon’s thought bubble. Here too the tap controls are not perfect, but this minigame is certainly the most tolerable.

To play the wellness game you place your iPhone in your palm, holding it flat. You tilt it left, right, forward and backward to keep EdiMon balanced as he sits cross-legged and tries to meditate. Birds, bees, leaves and poop (since when did it rain poop in paradise?) come from the sky and must be flicked away before they disrupt EdiMon’s meditation.

The tilt controls rarely behave the way they’re supposed to. You often have to jerk the iPhone wildly just to get it to register movement, which makes the wellness meditation game needlessly frustrating. The touch-screen controls do not respond consistently, either. What is a dead-on tap can be a total miss 30 seconds later, making the fitness and playtime minigames difficult to play.

Math is hard.

Only the hygiene minigame works well, but it’s not very interesting. Placing EdiMon in a shower where you can scrub him down is not fun, and you must do it every few minutes as even the slightest exertion gets him dirty.

Scoring for the minigames is also very odd. Playing one of them is supposed to earn you points towards EdiMon’s overall health and happiness. Sometimes this works, while other times playing the minigames gets you nothing at all, or even makes EdiMon unhappy. This can occur regardless of whether you played the minigame well or not. Why high scores are rewarded sometimes and punished other times is a mystery.

Though this game is very attractive, it is an absolute chore to play. The faulty controls, confusing scoring and dull minigames make EdiMon a title to avoid.