Eco Innovators Sustainability Quiz

Ever wondered how many litres of water it takes to make a beer or why a burping cow contributes to climate change? The Eco Innovators app is a mythbusting quiz style game designed to test your general environmental knowledge. Navigate your way through 3 rounds of multiple choice questions covering a range of topic areas.


> How much do you know about the environmental impacts of the things that you buy?


> How much do you know about eco-design and life cycle assessment (LCA)?


> Test your students on fascinating facts about the eco impacts of everyday things!

But wait there’s more! This is a game-within-a-game. After each round a mini-game is unlocked giving you the opportunity to collect as many items as you can and score extra points that will help you become an Eco Innovators Champion before time runs out!

With 50 multiple choice questions covering a range of topics from eco footprints through to plastic bags and methane production, you will be able to test your knowledge, find out all the facts on how to make better environmental decisions, and arm yourself with some fantastic dinner party conversation!


– Over 50 questions on a range of environmental topics

– Facts and figures on every question

– Links to references and more information on each topic

– Bonus mini-game


“Fun and informative way to learn about a serious topic! I think that everyone should have a go!” – Taya, NSW

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