EclipseCraft takes placing blocks to build things to a new level. Experience an enhanced world dedicated to EclipseCraft Multi-Player servers and allow your adventure to continue.

Included are randomly generated worlds (flat or random), Multi-Player build and battle over Wi-Fi or 3G connection, and Survival mode. Craft and create with friends and battle each other destroying each others creations. Help each other in survival mode and let the fun continue.

Please take a look at New enhancements listed below. Big update with more server support so you will be playing for hours. Enhanced Armor and Blocks with the new ability to forge your own weapons.

Download today! Have fun!

EclipseCraft is a large crafter community consisting of 4 server. We are growing larger and larger everyday. We use the best high quality hardware to run our servers. We take pride in providing our players with best mine experience possible, no lag and 24/7 dedicated servers.

Version 1.0.1/1.0.2 – Features & Bug Fixes
- Crash bugs: Multiplayer login bug
- Added Enhanced Server
- Enhanced Objects
- More Armor
- Added Animals
- Improved Contorls

1.0.1 is a bug fix update for 1.0.0
- Enhanced Servers
- Saving worlds bug fixed
- Disconnecting issues are fixed
- Newly put on block and weapon items