Echos d’école: Mémoire HD

“An app that the kids can’t seem to get enough of!” –

Created by a teacher, the Echos d’école games have been known for being a leader in educational games on the Internet for more than 10 years now.
Popular in schools, these games have been tested and approved by children and teachers the world over!
Echos d’école: Mémoire HD is a first compilation of Echos d’école games on the iPad, on the subject of memory.

3 super games: several levels of difficulty, visual, short-term and auditory memory…train your memory like never before!
-The pairs game (3 years and over)
Animals, numbers or colours? Choose your category and find the right pairs!
Train your visual memory.

-Kim’s game (5 years and over)
The game that is famous in schools finally comes to the tactile tablet!
Train your short-term memory.

-The right note (6 years and over)
Have you got an ear for music? It’s up to you to find the notes played!
Train your auditory memory.

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