Ebo’s Champion Game Series: Puzzles

eBo has recently launched the “Ebo’s Champion Game Series: Puzzles”. All of the pictures are picked from the scenes we designed in our animated interactive series based on the famous Classic stories like “Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Ugly Duckling” and “Rainbow Colored Deer”. You may pick between three difficulty levels, (Easy, Medium and Hard). The puzzle games are designed to train a child’s observation ability and develop hand-eye coordination. It is suitable for a wide age range. So come and enjoy our puzzle games!!! Features: 1.Aimed for 3-7 2.Three levels: Easy Medium Hard designed for kids 3.All the pictures are picked from classic stories, which will make kids have a better understanding of classic stories. 4.Kids can play by themselves. Every month we’ll have updates, and kids will always have new puzzles to play.

We, at eBo Online Entertainment, specialize in intelligent games, educational games, books and language learning. We are developing games and stories in English, Chinese, Spanish and Turkish.

Please search for “eBo Online” in the App Store and you will find new products & updates every month.

Current Selections are:
Red Riding Hood Interactive Book
Little Red Riding Hood Games by eBo
The Ugly Duckling Interactive Game Book
The Ugly Duckling Games by eBo
The Rainbow Colored Deer Interactive Game Book
The Rainbow Colored Deer Games by eBo
Ebo’s Stories
Ebo’s Farm

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