Eating Jimmy

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♛♛♛Eating Jimmy♛♛♛
The beach is a very ideal destination for holiday in a summer day.
Several kinds of seafood greatly attract the food lover’s interests.
In the ocean floor, there is a large school of fish. They stroll around and eat the smaller fish constantly, escape the powerful fish at the same time and, consequently, starting a food lover war in the submarine world!

➢This summer a grand debut of Eating Jimmy will bring the players an unprecedented pleasant sensation!
➢Simple operation, easy to learn, plenty of gold coins, and more game levels are waiting for your challenge!
➢Simple style and lively music will give you a cool summer!

*** Key Features **************************************
➢Support GameCenter Achievement System.
➢Comfortable Game.
➢Lovely Design & Simple Style.
➢Gravity Induction.
➢Abundant Props.
➢7 Levels at present, more wonderful levels, so stay tuned.
➢Collect gold coins and gain achievement to unlock a new level.

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