Easy to Play Piano Deluxe

“The Easy to Play Piano Deluxe continues FREE
for EVERYONE to enjoy !!!”

“Easy to Play Piano Deluxe” allows you to play piano with convenient interface. You can easily play famous classical music without any skill.

Features :
Play Description
1. Select music.
2. Listen to the music and remember the melody.
3. Play music.
4. Touch the big melody button area in the screen to play a sound that you listened.
5. According to your touch point, screen is divided into two areas. (left and right)
6. If current melody is higher than prior melody, then melody button will be placed on the right.
7. If current melody is lower than prior melody, then melody button will be placed on the left.
8. If current melody and prior melody has same pitch, whole area is available.

What you needs to do is touch the big melody button area. Therefore it is very simple. Also your next steps are marked on the top as a melody box, so you are aware of it easily.

Total 31 Songs
Famous classical songs are mainly included.

Since it is hard to remember whole melody at once, this application can automatically play a song.
With auto-play, you can easily remember and play a song.

Game Objectives :
The purpose of the application is to imitate a feeling of piano playing. Touch the screen in the proportion of high and low pitch, and through this, you can get similar fun and experience of piano playing.

Official Contacts :
* Homepage : http://ielab.ajou.ac.kr/drostudio/
* Support : drghoh@ajou.ac.kr for email for inquires

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