Ears the Astronaut

From the studio that created “The Elf on the Shelf presents: An Elf’s Story” animated special comes a brand new character – EARS THE ASTRONAUT!

Ears is a cat with huge ears and a dream…to be an astronaut!  Suit Ears up with Jetpacks and Space Suits and BLAST OFF to zoom through space and collect stars!  Just make sure to feed him enough along the way, or he’ll get hungry and need to go home.

If you like Infinite Runners – Here’s a 3D Infinite Flyer!

— BLAST-OFF! and FLY through space with EARS THE ASTRONAUT! —

Amazingly fun and addictive way to fly lets you maneuver quickly and freely by dragging your finger around the screen to avoid obstacles and collect stars and food.

Use the stars you collect to upgrade Ears’ Jetpacks and Space Suits for fun, cool new styles and jet streams.

Great Power-ups include:
– Invincibility to destroy obstacles
– The Star Catcher to spread a wide net and collect more stars
– Wormholes to give super-fast bursts of distance

How far can you fly before Ears gets too hungry and has to go home?

And just for fun, tap Ears while he is on the launch pad and see him do some crazy-cool moves! 

Check out Ears on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EarsTheAstronaut

Check out Ears videos on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/thetrick3d/

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