Lo and behold, your chance to hop onto the classical adventures of the original video game is here, and better than ever. Easy Money, a jump-and-run game similar to many popular games in the 90’s, is now available at the touch of your fingers, modernly known as any portable device or apple smart phone! You may now fall deep into the classic arts of video games without pulling out those dated remote control devices! Not only does Easy Money allow you to truly experience Gaming, but it also OFFERS MONTHLY CASH PRIZES AND MORE!

The objective of the trial game is to complete up to 3 tantalizing levels with the highest score possible, without losing all 3 lives. In order to complete each level you must stay alive and reach the door at the end of the level. The game will begin with each player having 3 lives, and there will be many obstacles to overcome in which the player’s lives will be put at risk. The player may lose their life by running out of the time allotted, falling into danger, or possible physical enemy contact. Regardless, be careful and stay aware of your surroundings!!

The game just keeps getting better from here. If you do not love the game enough just yet, wait for the best part. You will have a chance at cashing in prize money or gifts IF you upgrade to the full version, for doing what you love the most, playing games!!

Official Rules:

1. Player can only claim the prize after playing the full version

For any questions/comments/feedback please send us an email: support@ilevelapps.com

GOODLUCKK!! Hope you enjoy the game!!
*Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way with this contest, all prizes will be given out thru iLevel Apps, the contest or sweepstake prizes are not Apple products*

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