DX Ball+ HD Plus

Brick Breaker is back with zeal in an all-new avatar “Brick Breaker”. This arcade game has got to be the best Breakout-style game ever.

The basic concept of the game is pretty much the same. Bounce the ball around the screen using the paddle placed below. Break bricks, collect points and power-ups as you go on clearing the levels.

What makes the game unique?

The Key Features:

• Loads of Power-ups to collect
• 2 types of Paddles : Expand and Shrink
• Heart – Gain an extra life
• Magnet – Balls stick to the paddle, rather than bounce
• Fireball – Balls catch fire, exploding everything they hit
• Skull – You lose a life
• Tortoise – Speed of the ball will slow down
• Rocket – Speed of the ball will increase
• Money Bag – Earns you bonus points
• Gun – Add guns to your paddle to shoot the bricks
• Hammer – Ball will cut straight through the bricks

Brick Breaker is the fantastic adaptation of an excellent board game, and a must-buy for all Brick Breaker fans out there.

Truly innovative and extremely addictive gameplay will keep you clearing these bricks for hours on end. The game has 50 exciting levels, lots of power-ups and in-game music. It is also integrated with OpenFeint and Game Centre for global scoring.

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