Durer Jigsaw Puzzles. Famous ART Series

★★★ Collection of puzzles with famous classic masterpieces by Durer ★★★
Albrecht Durer is the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance. Over 70 puzzles.

✔ The new iPad and iPhone Retina support with high resolution images

✔ Large selection of levels and puzzle types
✔ 6 levels for iPad – 12, 30, 48, 88, 154 and 300 pieces
✔ 4 levels for iPhone – 6, 24, 35, 54 and 70 pieces
✔ 12 types of puzzle shapes, including classic, square, crazy and more

✔ Image preview window and Grid to help you solve the puzzle.
✔ Move puzzle pieces, panel and preview at the same time with multitouch support
✔ Magnet button – puts a puzzle piece to right right place for you
✔ Sort pieces on the panel.
✔ Drag pieces to the board and back to the panel.

✔ PLAY a DUET – play with a friend on the same device (supported by multitouch)

✔ Relaxing music and background nature sounds
✔ Customize game table with 10 backgrounds
✔ MyGallery – place to see all completed puzzles, shows time of completion and level of completion (bronze, silver and gold)

✔ All games are saved and can by continued any time later. Resume button quickly gets you back to the last game

✔ Compete with friends through Leaderboards and Achievements
✔ Share puzzles on Facebook and Twitter

❤ Claude Monet
❤ Edouard Manet
❤ Van Gogh
❤ Renoir
❤ Paul Cezanne
❤ Leonardo da Vinci
❤ White house at night
❤ Wheat Field with Cypresses
❤ The Union of Earth and Water
❤ The Return
❤ The Luxemburg Gardens
❤ The Harbor at Marseilles
❤ The Birth of Venus
❤ Sunflowers
❤ Sts Paul and Peter
❤ Self-Portrait
❤ Sacred Spring, Sweet Dreams
❤ Poppy Field
❤ Place du Theatre Francais
❤ On the terrasse
❤ Ninth Wave
❤ Mona Lisa
❤ Madonna and Child
❤ Lute Player
❤ Lilac Bush
❤ Landscape with House and Ploughman
❤ In a pine forest
❤ Haystack at Giverny
❤ Garden Sainte-Adresse
❤ Corner of the Garden at Montegron
❤ Composition VI
❤ Annunciation
❤ A Game of Billiards

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