Dungeon Treasure! This time, it’s an ocean!

Thanks to your support, DungeonT Deep-Sea chapter has been added to give you an exciting underwater adventure and to celebrate the summer break season.

Newly added Dee-sea Stage and various character costume items!

Blow away hot summer heat with a blockbuster dee-sea adventure, Dungeon Treasure!!


New Map Update!!! FREE EVENT!!


Launching commemoration every day! Giving Gift Event!!

Download the Dungeon Treasure and write a review according to the Event participation method below, you will get Items worth 3,000 gold every day for a week!!
Just for once, We will give you additional 10,000gold

[Participation Method]
1. Download Dungeon Treasure then launch the game.
2. Click NETWORK from Menu and create an account.
3. Get into App store again then write at Dungeon Treasure review about the thoughts of the play or the game.
4. After finish writing the review, go to the mail box in NETWORK menu and recieve the every day gift~~!!!

Advanture to the dungeon to find the stolen money!!
This summer, the best dungeon game ever will Hit Big at App Store
Fall into the amazing world of dungeon with dungeon treasure.

What kind of game is Dungeon Treasure?~
1> High Quality Graphic
◈Full SCREEN, NOT just a simple close up visual.
◈Tidy Graphic different than other existing games.
2> Simple User Interface (UI)
◈Easy UI that Newbies can be fammiliar with the game
◈implemented simple and full screen Interface
3>RPG factor added(mixed)
◈addictive arcade game and RPG factor precisely mixed
◈Provides a wide variety of content from being bored.
4>Customed character
◈Change of looks and ability of Character by wearing variety of Items; Helmet, Armor, Boots, etc.
◈Make my own character by combining costumes.
5>Supporting Network
◈Player vs Player (PvP) and Guild vs Guild are possible in challange mode.
◈can play with variety of freinds by ADD-Freind, and send / receive gifts each other with FREE GIFT.
6>Ongoing map updates
◈providing never ending fun to users by continually updating Map, Items, Boss.
★Game consult
Customer Inquiry :cs@sangsangdigital.com

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