Dungeons & Slots

Sick of spinning those slots for a few measly coins? Now you can battle the forces of evil with just the push of a button! Dungeons and Slots takes you on a fantastic journey into a world of magic and mayhem. You are a powerful wizard, ready to take on orcs, minotaurs, and a bevy of beastly baddies! Spin to cast spells, destroy your foes, and WIN BIG!

‣  Rich Retina graphics – play on your iPad in stunning HD!
‣  Fight forces of evil with every spin!
‣  Battle awesome enemies with explosive FX!
‣  Collect your FREE bonus coins every day!
‣  Face off against Boss Monsters and Level Up!
‣  Increase your bets to WIN BIG!

What our players are saying:
***** “Awesome game, unlike any other slots I’ve ever played”
***** “Gorgeous graphics and animations, love the battling”.
***** “I just won big and played for hours – so much fun!”

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