Dungeon Siege III Map Pack by Prima Games

Important: This is not a game. This is a strategy app which will help you navigate and explore the game to its fullest. Please do not download if you are looking for the game.

The OFFICIAL Dungeon Siege III Interactive Strategy Map Pack Prima Games.
Get the most out of your game with Prima’s Official Interactive Maps for Dungeon Siege III. The secrets of Ehb are laid bare with every quest, Treasure chest, lore entry and merchant clearly labeled, and expanded with official game images, art and videos.

* Find all the best loot and items on our interactive maps
* Zoom in for enhanced detail, or zoom out for a complete map overview
* Turn item icons on and off to narrow down the items you’re looking for
* Multimedia maps are enhanced with screenshots and video
* Mark quests, treasure chests and lore entries as “found”
* The app automatically reports the percentage of lore that is marked as found
* Navigation elements and legend easily slide out of the way to give you full screen view of the map

Chapter 1: A Gathering in the North (FREE)
* Montbarron Estate
* Pilgrims’ Road
* Legion Chapterhouse
* Pilgrims’ Road Revisited

Chapter 2: The Search for Survivors
* Lower Raven’s Rill
* West Forest
* Stormsong Cavern
* Gunderic Manor

Chapter 3: Into the Mournweald
* East Forest
* The Mournweald
* Rukkenvahl Causeway

Chapter 4: The Battle for Raven’s Rill
* Gunderic Mausoleum
* Raven’s Rill Graveyard
* Upper Raven’s Rill
* Heroes’ Crypt

Chapter 5: On the Road
* Eastern Swamp Bluffs
* Bioluminescent Caves
* Swamp Battlefield
* Gloamwood Bog
* First People Villiage
* Road to Stonebridge

Chapter 6: Stonebridge
* Stonebridge City
* The Grand Chapterhouse
* Meisterhall
* Lower Ward
* Great Foundry
* Crypts of the Sacred Blood

Chapter 7: Glitterdelve
* Frostspire Mountain
* Kaari Pass
* Glitterdelve Mines

Chapter 8: The Spire
* Spire Bailey
* Spire Dungeon
* Chancel of Azunai
* Sanctum of Fire
* Saint’s Solace

About the Interactive Map

Learn the secrets you need to save the kingdom of Ehb with the Official Dungeon Siege III Interactive Strategy Maps. The fully labeled maps allow you to zoom in and out, turn labels on and off, or click to see relevant screenshots or video of important items, areas, and actions in the game!

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