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Dude! That’s Cool. is a unique turn based experience that features a fun collection of ‘goodie’ hoarding hamsters. A game that is simple to learn with countless strategies that will keep you coming back for just one more ‘goodie’!

As a hamster you have an appetite for collecting everything from paper clips and pencils, to matchsticks and buttons. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one interested in hoarding these goods. Your rival hamsters have what you want and you have what they want. Dude! That’s Cool. tasks you with defending your goodies while simultaneously stealing your rivals goodies.

Get ready for an epic battle played across several locations. Take turns placing and connecting individual pipe pieces as you work your way towards your rival’s cage and snatch up his goodies. Along the way you will place pipes over your rival’s trail, but beware of obstacles and those pesky permanent pipes, they cant easily be removed! Luckily as a resourceful hamster you have an arsenal at your disposal. The ‘hammer’ smashes through any and all obstructions, while the ‘ice cube’ slows your rival’s progress, and the ‘switcheroo’ helps flip pipe pieces for both defense and offense.

– Asynchronous Turn-Based Multiplayer.
– In-Game Chat.
– Pass-n-Play mode.
– Enhanced for Retina Display: Rich, vibrant, playful graphics.
– Choose from a colorful collection of playful hamsters.
– Unique locations for cool hamster havoc.
– Simple drag-n-drop gameplay.
– A toolbox with unique offensive and defensive gameplay tools.
– A ‘Goodies Box’ for collecting your hard fought goodies.
– Unique character ‘expressions’.
– Ability to challenge multiple rivals simultaneously.
– Visible Win-Loss statistics for bragging rights with friends and rivals.
– Challenge friends through Facebook, Game Center, your Contact List or choose a Random Rival.
– Supports gameplay over cellular networks or Wi-Fi.

UPGRADE NOW and access:
– New characters: More hamsters are joining in the fray… stay tuned!
– ‘Tool Shop': Build up a bigger arsenal!
– New locations: Traverse new locations in your quest for more goodies!
– New ‘Goodies’ to steal from your rivals!… along with some rare items!
– Theme based downloadable content with rare unique characters and locations!


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