Duck Shoot by Carnival Labs

DUCK SHOOT HAS GONE CLASSIC… and we’d like to thank all you crazy carny loving folk! Come check out our latest update, with a slick new menu, and some sweet SWEEEEET sketch levels available with in-app purchase.


Step right up for one of the most addictive classic games on the iPhone!

As hard to put down as your old grandma’s apple pie, with all the polish and elegance of a carnie roadshow. We love carnie folk.

A fast-paced, frantic shooting game where ducks pop up and down faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket (who’s Jiminy Cricket?). Tilt the iPhone or iPod Touch to aim and tap anywhere on the screen to shoot.

A true test of skill for beginners and a lasting challenge for experts. Our top score is 147 on classic tilt mode, can you beat it?

• Targets pop up and down randomly in an authentic style.
• Bonus points if you shoot them quickly.
• Local and Online High Score board for all levels.
• An originally composed soundtrack and tin shooting sounds.

Note: This app is ad supported until an in-app purchase is made.

We always aim to help users and would love feedback and suggestions. Please email us at:

Check it out… what do you have to lose.. it’s FREE carny action!

Keywords: Duck, shoot, shooter, hunt, carnival, iHunt

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