Duck Latin

If you remember ‘Pig Latin’ from your childhood, then you should try this app. The Duck Latin translator is a fun, cool app that translates English and many other languages into Duck Latin. Simply enter text and touch the Translate button. You can use the translator to learn Duck Latin to impress and confuse your friends with your new Duck Latin fluency. You can easily send your Duck Latin translations to your friends by way of email or text message.

You will enjoy the beautiful artwork and the elegant fade animations as you navigate through the app.

After you get this functional FREE app, check out the Text-To-Speech in-app purchase. You can hear samples of different accents and languages for FREE! Just touch the Accents and Language buttons over and over to hear different random sounds. The Text-To-Speech in-app purchase will unlock text to speech and removes the advertisements. After purchasing, you can hear your Duck Latin translations in many different accents and languages. You can hear the text you entered and the translated text by touching the speakers. So get the Text-To-Speech in app purchase and start hearing your Duck Latin translations today!

The Duck Latin app is fun for all ages! Get the app today and start speaking in Duck Latin!

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