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Solve each puzzle by moving two orbs through the maze so that the blue orb reaches the target. The two orbs always move in unison, so if either orb is blocked in a given direction, it’s not possible to move in that direction. To unblock areas of the board, navigate the orbs against force fields, which change the distance between the two orbs and open up new paths through the maze.


• Multiple undos through the use of a rewind gesture
• 50 levels of increasing difficulty
• Automatic save across multiple levels in progress
• Easy navigation: Just drag your finger in the desired direction
• Return to previously solved levels to pick up hard-to-reach bonuses for added replay value
• Built-in tutorial

NOTE: Despite their simple appearance, some of the later levels can be very, very hard to solve. However, all of the levels are solvable, and there is always at least one path through the maze which picks up all of the bonuses and reaches the target.

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