This is the special version of the classic DTCat
DTCatBlue version is a traditional 2.5D platform action game. The game control designs are easy and simple for Player to understand how to play the game. Player can also use this game to practice their 2D action game skills. The game will take player to a digital world with an adventure that they have never tried before!

In 20xx the computer viruses has become so powerful which that can build up their error file in the computer and made the system crash down. Digital Triangle Cat is a new Anti-virus robot to destroy the computer viruses. Player needs to control the robot clear those file and kill the virus in the digital world

Special Features
Special enemy are setting in this version
Have change Some level Setting basic on DTcat
Using 2.5D camera
All the game color has been change to Blue
If you want to know more different between DTCat please download the classic DTcat game to have a look

Player needs to get to the goal to clear the stage when time or lives become zero game over. When player finish all stage a total rank will show out, higher scores gets higher rank.

There are four buttons for player to control the character in the game:
Left button
Right button
Fire button
Jump button

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