Drunk Rabbit

Bear is throwing a party and Rabbit is invited. Help the Rabbit to get to the party. Story continues with bear as they are traveling to local shop for some more BOOZE! However, bear lives in the woods and there is long and bumpy way to the city.
Help them to travel to the city and not fall down in the middle of the road.

– Funny gameplay;
– Hilarious drunk rabbit and bear;
– Physics based puzzle bridge builder;
– Exploding mines;
– Destructible environment;
– Watter, build floating bridges;
– Beautiful and stunning game art;
– Every level has different level design;
– Collect additional empty bottles along the way;
– Destructible objects;
– Help overlay;
– Rotate object to both sides;
– Blood!

This game is sequel from Drunk Bear (also available on iTunes).
New features in this game:
1 – Distance mines. Try to avoid them and keep distance from them.
2 – Mines with timer. Mines of this type, explodes after some time.
3 – Watter. All items floats in the watter and there is some special items, which floats very good. Use them to build your structure on them.
4 – Destructible environment. Some levels has already prebuilt structures, which can’t be edited by player, but can be destroyed by mines or failed bridge. Use these structures as part of your bridge.
5 – Completed levels is automatically saved. Now you can showoff complete levels to your friends.
6 – Bigger variety of items.
7 – Help overlay. If you get frustrated, from the pause menu you can turn on help overlay. It will give you example how to build the bridge.

The rabbit is drunk and very unstable. You must help him to cross the huge pits, but sometimes it gets very funny to watch collapsing bridges and poor rabbit falling to the bottom. Don’t forget to watch hilarious trailer on Youtube.

Somewhere in the middle of the game, rabbit gets very drunk and unable to walk at all! Bear helps him by towing him.

This is bridge building game, but it is very different from others. In this game you place and rotate various items. All item are not connected to each other, so the structures may get very unstable. Every level has limited amount of items, from which you must build a way for the rabbit and bear.

Every level is like art painting and has different looks. Watch how the environment changes in every level. You begin in the forest and in the end you are in the city.

Bear is very heavy. So if he is falling from height, he will break everything in his way. Constructions must be stable or else, one falling object can ruin all bridge!

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