Drums of War HD

- Fully updated for iOS6.
– Updated for iPhone 5 and 4″ Retina display.
– Interface that makes full use of the iPad; it’s easier and more fun to track characters and combats.

– More at your fingertips, including in app dice rolling, D&D Compendium access, and better condition tracking!

– One app for all your devices: Drums of War HD includes the original app for iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the updated iPad version.

****NOTE: If you only use an iPhone or iPod Touch you don’t need the HD version, which is only optimized for iPad****

Drums of War HD compements your Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition game, helping you manage your characters and combats whether you’re a player or DM. Build characters and encounters in the app or import D&D Insider Character Builder files. You can even jump directly to the D&D Compendium right from the app to look up rules for powers and more during your game!

*** Drums of War HD support importing from both the new web Character Builder and the old desktop Character Builder!***


– Create characters and monsters, by hand or by importing characters exported from the DDI Character Builder. Import a 30th level character in seconds.
– Manage encounters by adding characters and monsters, tracking initiative, and more.
– Run combats! Reorder combatants by dragging them, track rounds, hit points, power usage, and temporary conditions. Roll dice without leaving the app!
– Look up rules on the fly. Powerful integration with the D&D Rules Compendium lets you get the rules for your character — feats, class features, powers, equipment, and more — as you need them. Spend more time rolling dice and less time flipping through books.
– Documentation embedded right in the app.

Bigger and better on the iPad, this is Drums of War as it was originally intended to be experienced!

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– DDI Compendium access rquires an active valid DDI account. Import works with .dnd4e files exported and stored on a remote web site.

Try Drums of War HD in your game today!

Many people have asked for step-by-step instructions on how to import dnd4e files. (This information is also included in the app’s documentation.) You need to export your .dnd4e files from the Character Builder (web or desktop) and upload the files to a remote server. You can use any service that lets you upload an arbitrary file; a lot of people like iplay4e.com or dropbox.

1. Upload your .dnd4e files to a remote server. If you’re using iplay4e, create a new character and then upload your .dnd4e file using the upload feature.

2. In Drums of War HD, go to the Tools tab and tap the + sign to add a new External Source.

3. Add any name you want for the source name. For the URL, use the URL of the service you uploaded your character to.

4. HTTP Basic Authentication is only used if you are downloading from a server that requires it; leave that blank if you’re not sure.

5. Tap “Import Data” (you need to be on wifi or 3G).

6. A browser window will open to the URL you entered. You should be able to log in and select the file you uploaded. Drums of War HD will detect the file type and import the character.

DDI Integration:

Here’s some other things to try:

From your home screen, open the Settings app for your device and scroll down until you see the Drums of War HD settings. Tap to open the settings. Add your DDI account information (user and password). This is stored locally on your device so you don’t have to enter it over and over between sessions.

Go back to a character you’ve imported and look at powers, feats, class features, etc. There should be a URL with a link to DDI. If you tap on the link, Drums of War HD will display the Compendium information about that power, feat, etc! The first time you log in it may take a bit to authenticate to the DDI servers and redirect your request.

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