Droppy: Adventures

Since the beginning of time, the Elements have been mercilessly and hopelessly fighting each other… Stop! It’s not cool anymore! Meet Droppy and the Elementies in their competition to capture the arena!

Find yourself in a fast-paced competition! Grab power-ups and trick your rivals as you attempt to capture the field! Choose any of the Elementies and play against one, two or three opponents!

– active arcade gameplay
– different playable characters
– various gaming arenas with unique lay-outs
– flexible game settings
– three ways to control your character: buttons, swiping, or accelerometer
– three game modes: Adventure, Contest, and Multiplayer
– user experience uncommon to iOS: the real-time multiplayer
– unlock more game options as you beat levels in Adventure Mode
– new characters, arenas, and power-ups coming soon!

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