Droppin' Balls

Save your balls! Explore 6 worlds and 60 levels of ball dropping madness.

This addictive and fun physics based puzzle game requires clever thinking as you try to safely land your balls on a narrow platform.

The rules are simple, tap the wood blocks and they vanish. Strategically destroy blocks to land your balls safely on the striped platform.

Save your balls from obliteration as you move through 6 worlds, each with unique obstacles. Witness wild physics as you navigate around steel, brick and spring loaded objects that all interact differently with your balls. Face worlds with low gravity, no gravity, moving platforms and multi ball puzzles.

Check your stats to see how many balls you’ve saved, how many you lost and how many blocks you destroyed. Droppin’ Balls will remember your stats even after you’ve closed the game.

Features include:

– 6 Worlds!
– 60 individual levels!
– Detailed stats!
– High resolution retina graphics
– Realistic physics that cause you ball to behavior differently as it comes in contact with different objects.

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