DropOut Lite -New sense candy puzzle game-

AppStore is the emergence of the long-awaited new puzzle game sensation!

Drop us are packed in colorful cans.
Red, blue, green, pink ….
You’d like a drop of any color? !

DropOut, your iPhone/iPod touch can resemble a drop,
Single drop from the colorful, the game was decided to retrieve a drop.

Operation is easy! – As usual you’re doing it – can drop as iPhone/iPod touch or shake or tilt the …!
Please try it and a little nibbling. To you, what would seem to lie in the back of the screen like a real drop.

One from each of them, “drop target” and I’ll drop a good guide to the hole you can drop called
Clang! Drop with the sound and look delicious ran out and clear the stage!

You can play five stages in light version of DropOut.

iPhone / iPod touch is a shame that we have not come from a real drop … drop us a rich and colorful personality was specially prepared for this game has five stages, waiting for someone at any moment and play your are.

Now, are you ready Are you ready?
Cans compared with the actual drop, iPhone/iPod touch from a very delicate machine, crazily about, be careful not to accidentally or fling your machine!

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