Drop It! Free

Play Drop It! online with your friends

Challenge your friends, just like you do with Wordfeud and Draw Something. Drop It! is without a doubt the best game in its genre. But beware, because it is as addictive as it gets.

The basics of the game will most certainly sound familiar: try to get four chips in a row to win the game. But Drop It! is way more fun, since you can play online against your friends who downloaded the app as well. Simply sign up using your e-mail address. Once signed up, you can find your friends by their names and challenge them.

Drop It! Free
★ Challenge an unlimited amount of friends.
★ Post your victory on Facebook; your friends will be able to see a recorded version of your game, fast-forwarded.
★ Check the overall ranking or the ranking with your friends.
★ Unlock achievements (such as 5 in a row or your first draw).
★ Talk to your opponent in the chat lounge.
★ Create your profile, including a photo.
★ See ads ;-)

Drop It! Premium
★ Everything you get in the free version, but without the ads.
★ Having a hard time refusing people? With Drop It! you can specify a reason.

Visit our website: http://www.getdropit.com

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