Drop Dem HD

“The gameplay is so simple that anyone can do it which makes it a great game to get people involved in gaming on an iDevice.” – 8 out of 10 by MasterOfHubes

“Nice concept game with cute character, polish graphics, good sounds and simple controls. Addictive game with Game Center support (21 Achievements). ” – Marcio Arruda, USA

“Now you get bored of spare time.” – omerkarakaya, Turkey

ø Drop Dem is now newly featured in both the Action and Puzzle category!

Looking up high above, this little monster only has 1 thing in mind..his new craving for fruits! Help drop the fruits to the floor so that Em, the cute little star of the game, can get them in this all-new addictive hand and eye adventure! Combining realistic physics, rich playful visuals and challenging hand and eye coordination gameplay, Drop Dem is one of the most unique and fun games on the App Store.

Drop Dem HD Highlights

≈ New exclusive fruits for the HD full version
≈ New style of gameplay mechanics never seen before in games on the App Store
≈ Unique combo system that rewards you with more points!
≈ Combines realistic physics with rich and playful visuals for an all-new fun experience
≈ Unique power-ups that enhance the game playing experience
≈ Test your hand and eye coordination skills
≈ Challenge your friends for the highest score you can get on the Facebook Leaderboard
≈ Novel and fun Game Center Achievements for you to accomplish

For more information or for support, please visit www.whitesponge.com

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