Drop 'r Pop

Drop ‘r Pop is a fresh take on 4-in-a-row!

Drag and drop your pieces into the board and try to connect 4 in a row. But unlike the classic board game, Drop ‘r Pop adds a new layer of intrigue to the action:

In addition to Dropping a piece into the board, you can also choose to Pop a piece out. You can even Pop your opponent’s piece!

When your opponent least suspects it, Pop a piece off the board to prevent them from winning, or line it up so that your own pieces fall into a 4 in a row!

Play in 3 distinct game modes:
Online – Play against friends and other opponents through GameCenter.
Single Player – Take on 5 unique difficulty levels to test your skills.
Pass ‘n Play – Share your phone with a friend and battle it out.

Simple drag-and-drop interface for easy, intuitive gameplay
Gameplay sounds and animations
Challenging artificial intelligence. Try and beat Level 5 if you can…

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