Drontal Worm Attack

Parasitic worms. We hate them. And so does our lovable Schnauzer dog, who’s relying on you to help rid his world of worms!

With Worm Attack it’s you against the worms, in a bid to score as many points as you can. Killing them takes just a tap of your screen…but if you think that sounds easy, beware – this is a real test of fast fingers and quick thinking.

Each level has ever more dangerous worms to combat in their favourite stomping grounds, and every worm you whack with the bone-shaped tablet earns you points – but you’ll be docked points for every one you miss.

So what are you waiting for? Help save our Schnauzer and make those worms really squirm!


★ Linked with game center so you can compare high scores with friends around the world!

★ Stunning graphics

★ Intense and fast-paced gameplay

★ Fun sounds

★ 4 exciting levels to play

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