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This software is designed for Iphone users. You can drink coke, orange juice, lemon juice and so on with the help of this software. You can drink any kind of juice form the vending machine; moreover, the product is also game software for killing leisure time, making fun and relaxing yourself.

Roll the iphone from the right side to the left, and then shake your iphone, you will see the juice run out of from your phone. It’s the time for you to put the phone toward your mouth or the glass. Now you will see the fictitious vivid juice pour from the phone with the help of the Iphone’s sensor and louder speaker. There are also video pictures, the sound of bubble rising, loosening the bottle lids, drinking and hiccupping.

you’ve seen juice on TV. YouTube. and also bought it from a shop. Now you can have all the juice in your iphone!
Suppose that you lie down in the reclining chair leisurely in the hot summer day, then pick up it and drink the juice. The so-called perfect life, not that the mood of this moment freeze it?

Vending machine
Shake around (foam)
Burp (no/off)
FREE: 3 different drinks

What’s New In Version 1.0
MORE DRINKS: the mixture of Cola, orange juice, lemonade
Vivid visual effects: the sound of bubble rising, loosening the bottle lids, drinking and hiccupping
Vending machine interface: choose your beverage and get it from the exit

Thanks a lot for liking iDrink!

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