Drift Club Racer 2

Drift Club Racer puts the pedal to the metal with the much anticipated launch of its sequel.
Own every corner; when you conquer the more than 20 worldwide tracks at blistering speed!
It’s about pure driving skills. You start as a rookie with zero fans, BUT if you have what it takes, you will end as a drift god with the whole world adoring you.

– iPhone 5 optimized
– Colored smoke
– Drift by night
– 20 tracks
– 30 powerful cars to fill up your garage
– Upgrade your car parts to maximize performance and reduce point loss and damage
– 3 different drift modes to choose from
– Specialized drift races that have never been seen before
– Addictive arcade experience with stunning graphics
– Unlock exclusive cars
– Beat the developer highscore

The game view is from a top down perspective giving you max overview of the smoky mayhem you create.

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