Drift Away

Prepare to enter the beautiful world of Drift Away.

Drift Away’s a peaceful experience, yoga for the mind. You guide a bubble through a wonderful scenic landscape, enjoying the serenity whilst listening to soothing classical music. Animals, insects and other natural obstacles hinder your path so be careful or your bubble will pop! Split your bubble in two to squeeze through small spaces and pinch them back together to return to your original size.

Travel through enchanted lands collecting magical bubbles. Some bubbles hold special powers that will help you on your journey. Look out for special collectables that have been left by previous travellers. They may bring you good luck!

So immerse yourself in the tranquillity. Drift Away is an experience you’ll never forget!

I hope you enjoy your time with Drift Away, if you have any suggestions or problems please email support and we will get back to you in person: support@bluebeck.co.uk

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