Dress up Santa! PRO

*** Christmas is here and so is the Santa Claus ***

** Time to create your own Santa with our fabulous collection for this holiday season **

Get your hands on the Santa and change him altogether to give him a new look. Make him a modern Santa Claus or give a new color jacket to him. Make him feel good with all new clothing for him and send the Santa Claus to your friends in a new color combination.

Try out more than 1000 combinations and pick the best one for sharing over your Facebook , Twitter or on Email with your colleagues, friends and family members.

-Eye catching Graphics
-Great UI
-Several Santa’s in different color to choose
-Huge diversity of outfits
-Dress combinations for Santa, never seen before
-Lots of beautiful Xmas scenery with associated background music
-Drag your Santa and locate wherever you wish
-Pinch/zoom your Santa to best fit on Xmas staging
-Send Greetings along with Santa to friend and family by Captioning
-Place Xmas message by dragging along Santa, anywhere you desire to
-No Ads
-share your dress up Santa easily with one click over Facebook/Twitter or Email

Steps to follow
✔ Select your Santa for this Xmas
✔ Get Dressed up in Santa’s outfit
✔ Change the background
✔ Make Santa speaks your words
✔ Locate your Santa and greetings anywhere
✔ Let All know about your Santa

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