Dress Up – Game For Girls

Every girl is dreaming of nice jewelry, trendy hair styles and fashionable clothes. You can now get creative, explore and design hundreds of new looks and fashion styles playing our Dress Up games.

Experiment with the latest fashion trends and stylish looks by choosing from an endless source of hairstyles, clothes, shoes and accessories. You can transform into a designer, famous actress or model and you can show off you latest looks by sending your characters to a runway, ball, party, school and many other fun places.

To start playing Dress Up simply download the app onto your phone or tablet. Unlike other Dress Up games on the online gaming platforms you don’t have to be connected to the internet to play.

You can also share your latest looks and styles with your friends by sending them an e-mail, or posting it on Facebook and other networking sites.

Our Dress Up games let the girls explore their sense of fashion, let them experiment with clothing and accessories to create trendy new styles.
It is also a great way for younger children to discover new objects and play with colors boosting their creativity. Playing Dress Up also helps kids becoming more familiar and skilful with the smartphone and tablet technologies.

We hope you enjoy the app!

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