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DreamWorks® Megamind is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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DreamWorks Megamind Review

Sometimes we review iPhone games that are based on blockbuster movies, and sometimes we review games that were created in 72 hours or less. DreamWorks Megamind is a licensed movie game that’s so bad, it feels like it was thrown together in one frantic weekend.

This is far, far below the level of quality we’ve come to expect from THQ Wireless’s licensed games like Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth and Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles. Megamind is a side-scrolling, beat ’em up platformer that does almost nothing right, with 30 nearly-identical levels that are a chore to play through.

You know the drill.

You control Megamind, a blue-skinned supervillain with a giant head who decides to play the good guy for once. You’ll encounter three main villains through the game, and each one gets its own showdown every ten levels. In between, you have to blast and punch your way through endless waves of identical minions, with the occasional timed level where you have to collect bolts.

Megamind’s failings are immediately apparently. The graphics are poor, with jerky animations that glitch out more often than not. Megamind, who we’re told is a super genius, gets tripped up on knee-high scenery like road cones and piles of garbage.

Megamind knows the way to cause the most damage is to use a boxing glove.

Combat is even worse. Megamind has a few different blasters he can use, including a shrinking/compacting ray. Your blaster isn’t very good for locking onto enemies, and you’ll have to get very close to get a shot in. Meanwhile, enemies will shoot you from offscreen, or surround you and pummel away while Megamind automatically switches to an ineffective close-range attack.

In addition to the terrible gameplay, DreamWorks Megamind makes no effort to bring the charm of the movie or characters to the game. Instead of making wisecracks and generally having a goofy, fun time during his mission, Megamind seems totally serious and devoid of personality. A few lines of text and still pictures of supporting characters will appear between some levels, but most levels will just go straight from one to the next. It’s about as lifeless as you can get.

Megamind is probably a pretty decent movie, but you wouldn’t know it from this horrible game. If you’re looking for a superhero beat ’em up that’s a lot of fun, check out Red Star or Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, and stay far away from DreamWorks Megamind.