Dream Skyland

What does the paradise look like? Now, you could build your own lovely paradise… In addition, you can fight with others online/offline for the precious Star Resources in the paradise…

It includes building your paradise and the battles with friends/others online. It provides far more fun than other city-building games and other battle/war games.

The following two parts were included and integrated very well as one game,

Part 1. Building Sky Land
– Far more fun on building Sky Lands in the dream sky than other city-building games
– Dozens of interesting building choices with different functions
– The main buildings could be upgraded to higher level buildings with better special effect.
– Dozens of accessories to make Sky Land more interesting and beautiful
– Soliders / Weapons recruitment in the right building
– Online / offline modes
– Visit the Sky Lands of friends / enemies online
– To generate as more coins as possible so that you will have enough battle support to fight with others online / offline in Part 2.

Part 2. Battles for Star Resources online or offline.
– Attack Plans : To select the right soldiers / weapons with different functions to attack and take over Star Resources online/offline.
– Defence Plans: To have the right strategy and set up the right defence soldiers/weapons to defend your Star Resources
– Online battles to fight with others for high income Star Resources
– Offline battles to fight with AI for low income Star Resources

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