Dream Run

Are you looking for best free running game? Well you have found one of them. Have fun running towards Gary’s dream.

You probably are familiar with Sponge Bob. I mean who does not know Sponge Bob? As we all know Sponge Bob had a pet – snail named Gary. Once upon a time Gary get sick and tired living in Sponge Bob’s shadow and he decided to go for his own dream. So he went and get a facelift and now he is running for his dream.

Everybody has a dream right?! Gary the snail has a dream too. A dream of a golden house, in this case a golden shell. So let’s help him to achieve his dream by collecting golden shells. But look out! It isn’t that easy as it sounds. There are various obstacles, which will make dream run harder to accomplish. Fortunately there are useful power ups, that will advance your run further and further as the gameplay’s speed increases by the distance that is covered. Game’s appealing look will let you dive in the fabulous world of Gary’s dream.


Amazing running world;
4 thrilling power ups;
3 deadly enemies to escape;
Countless missions;
5 amaizing characters;
Online Leaderboard.

If you like Temple Run, Mega Run and other running games this could be the game for you.
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What’s new in version 1.1
Hi dreamers! Dream Run is back with a huge update!
In this version you will find:

New exciting 3 level based running world with a fresh graphic;
Four new attractive characters with a “character”;
3 Enemies to escape;
New weapon to deal with evil enemies;
Slingshot boost to fly through everything in your way like a shooting star;
New jewels to get more golden shells faster;
Bug fixes.

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