Dream Pinball 3D

Dream Pinball 3D brings a finger-flippin’ gaming experience straight to your iOS platforms! The entertainment package beckons you to test your luck just like in the old days, when you flipped a coin into the slot of your favorite pinball machine.
Play on four different machines, each with a unique design and various challenges.
Fight as a shiny knight in the tournament of honor or control your pinball against hordes of monsters. Immerge into a fantasy experience of the Two Worlds universe with the machine Amber Moon.
What’s more, Dream Pinball 3D shines with innovative technology. The pinballs themselves are made up of different materials, where the ballistic properties actually affect their rolling behavior! Add in some incredible acoustics, state-of-the-art particle effects, and a realistic tilt function – now you have the best pinball experience on iOS ever!


– 4 pinball machines, each with a different theme
– 6 different pinball materials (steel, oak, walnut, marble, ivory, gold) all with varying ballistic properties
– Multi-ball feature with 3 pinballs!
– State-of-the-art particle effects
– Individual sounds and music for each machine
– Up to 4 players
-1 fixed camera position and 6 dynamic camera angles

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