DrawQuest – Free Daily Drawing Challenges

Unleash your creativity with DrawQuest!

Join people of all ages coming together to complete daily drawing challenges—or Quests—that are sure to tap into your creative side. DrawQuest is all about using your imagination and having fun—there are no right or wrong answers. Here are some examples:

☺ Create your own superhero
☃ Dress up the snowman!
☽ What did you dream last night?

Here’s what else is inside DrawQuest:

– Fun, easy-to-use drawing tool
– Follow your favorite Questers
– Watch other drawings stroke-by-stroke
– Star and share drawings with your friends

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DrawQuest Review

Two years ago, “gamification” was a hot buzzword in the corporate world. Executives and consultants cheerfully asserted that dull and demeaning tasks would be transformed by adding points and level-ups. They were wrong, and you don’t hear much about gamification any more, but every so often you see game-like features creeping into applications that have nothing to do with games. Case in point, DrawQuest. Let’s get this clear from the start: DrawQuest isn’t a game. Read More →