DraWords Portable

Have fun guessing the improbable drawings made by your friends!

Start playing with your friends to DraWords Portable: Divide you into two teams, get a pen and paper and choose one of the 14 avatars available. Pull out all your skills of imagination trying to guess the word hidden in the drawings of your teammates.

DraWords Portable is the right game to spend your evenings with friends wherever you are!

◆ Gameplay ◆ 

Before start playing DraWords remember to get a pen and paper. Then divide you into two teams and choose the name and the avatar that suits you.

Now you can start playing! At each round a player of a team pull out a card from the deck and then he must try to draw it on the paper to make guessing the word to the other members of his team. The team has 60 seconds to guess the word and to gain points: less time passes and more points it gains!

The team that reaches 60 points for first wins!

Remember that you can resume the last game interrupted at any time and if someone leaves the game do not worry you can always change teams!

◆ Game Features ◆

✓ 5 languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French;
✓ 4 categories of cards: people / animals, objects, actions and places;
✓ +1000 words to guess;
✓ 14 funny and nice avatars;
✓ original and captivating graphics

In the free version of the game there are 40 funny words, ready to be interpreted and drawn!
To get lots of new words and expand your gaming experience, you can unlock the full version of the game using the in-app store!

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