DrawingMe free HD painting and coloring game fo…

*** TOP iPad APP in the US ***
*** NUMBER ONE iPAD APP in Arabic countries***

The new drawing engine is optimized for iPAD 2. Due to memory limitations on iPad 1, you may face crashes starting a new image. In this case please free as much memory as possible by closing Apps running in the background.

Die neue Drawing Engine ist für das iPad 2 optimiert. Auf alten iPad 1 Geräten kann es daher zu speicherbedingten Abstürzen beim Starten neuer Bilder kommen. In diesem Fall bitte so viele im Hintergrund laufende Apps beenden wie möglich.

This game includes 3 painting games from a 4-lingual Schneewittchen (Snowwhite) interactive fairy tale for kids. The interface is intuitive and understandable for little children. The pictures can be painted with 16 different colors, painted fragments can be erased and painted anew.

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