Draw me, I'm famous! Free

Draw me, I’m famous! the new, fun game by Laugh My Apps Off.

Draw famous people and friends on Facebook for other players to guess and share your drawings with friends on Facebook!

Collect coins, by drawing your favourite personalities and friends on Facebook. Use your finger to draw or use the templates provided, to create portraits for other players to guess. There are hints provided throughout the game to help guess the portraits, correctly and collect coins. Advance through the stages and use your coins to unlock templates, colours and new features to make your drawings a work of art!

Unlock your inner artist and get drawing!

NOTE: Facebook account required to play Draw me, I’m famous!


★Play with your friends and other gamers on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!
Challenge friends on Facebook, or be automatically partnered with other gamers.

★Multiplayer – Why limit the fun to just two people? You can play with up to 4 facebook friends at one time.

★Easy to play – You don’t need to be a professional artist to use Draw me, I’m famous!
Make your drawings as simple or elaborate as you like! Let your fingers create your portraits or use the templates provided.

★Templates – for the perfectionists!
Choose from dozens of templates, including face shapes, hair styles, eye shapes, noses, eyebrows, eye lashes, glasses, and moustaches – with new templates added regularly!

★Draw a Friend – Challenge your opponent to guess a drawing of a mutual facebook Friend.

★Colours of the rainbow – and many, many more!
Over 40 colours, which can be applied to all free hand drawings and templates provided!

★Helpful Hints – to help decipher any abstract portraits
Request the age, profession, country of birth and name hints, to help gamers guess who is being depicted in the portrait.

★Turn base Games
Play as many games as you want with 5 other Draw me, I’m famous! gamers per game! Take turns drawing famous people or mutual Facebook friends and guess in your own time.

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